Warranty Information

Please see the Terms & Conditions for all of the legal stuff, but take a look at the text below which is written in non-legal good old plain English so that we can tell you what we are trying to achieve.

When you buy a large product like a TV it comes with a manufacturer warranty which is normally for 12 months. That means that if it breaks through a manufacturer fault that they are obliged to fix it and if it can't be repaired they will replace it or authorise a refund through the company you bought it from.

This means that if your TV set does break, it goes away to a repair centre, you may or may not have to cover the cost of sending it away with a courier, this depends on the T's & C's of the company you bought from. You may have to send it back in its original packing (we hope you kept it) and If your TV gets damaged while with the courier the manufacturer is not responsible and you have to follow up a claim through the courier company.

Once your TV reaches a repair centre you usually have no contact with the repairer or any idea of how long it may take for you to get your TV back, this doesn't help if the football, the grand prix, or your favourite soap opera is on while you are looking at the empty space where your expensive TV used to sit.

You usually won't get notification of when your set is to be returned, so don't be surprised if the courier arrives a few weeks later while you are out at work and you have to pay for a second delivery.


If you buy your TV from usĀ and it breaks within its warranty period because of a manufacturer fault. (Don't call us if your child pours orange juice down the back)

You call this number 01670 528780 and we get another TV of equal size and quality out to you the next day. We don't use external couriers, we have our own engineers so we can even stay in touch with you about delivery times.

We take the old one away, you get another one. You don't miss your favourite programs and everyone is happy.

What could be more simple?

It's about the service, if you have any questions please call us, we don't hide our number.

Warranty Period

Our warranty periods can vary depending on the manufacturer of the product and whether or not the product is refurbished. The length of warranty is clearly stated in the detailed description of each product.

Do you or your friends have an OUT OF WARRANTY LED or LCD TV that needs repaired?
Why not give us a call, our Northern & Southern repair centres can take a look and give you a quick price for repair. Call us on 01670 528784 for more details.